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Stick figures on a computer find a Minecraft cube.

It took animator Alan Becker a little over a year to complete the Animation vs. Minecraft video. At the beginning, Alan said he didn’t think the scenes would take very long to write, but discovered real quick there’s lots of work to be done before, during and after the scene.

From Alan Becker’s website:

One year 2 months and 833.5 work hours later, I can’t believe I’m finally hitting the publish button. To be honest I expected this animation to take me a month or two. Then 5 months later I expected it to be done after another 5 months. Well it took another 9 months.

I think when you write a story, it’s very easy to write something like “scene 3: the stick figures get attacked by a bunch of zombies, and defeat them all”. You don’t imagine the scene to take very long. And then when you go to animate it, you realize how much more complex it is, and in order to properly convey the idea, you have to add things beforehand, during, and after this scene. That happened for every single scene, and it wasn’t a very short story to begin with. Lo and behold, the animation I thought would be 8-10 minutes ends up being 16 minutes long!

But I’m very very proud of how it came out. I think in some ways it surpassed the previous animation. And I’m so glad to be done.




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