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Disney’s HANDY MANNY Online Toy Factory Game – Let’s Build A Rocket | Toby Conger

Toby builds a fun rocket on Disney Junior’s online Toy Factory game – You can use your imagination to build magical toys using squares, balls, rockets, wagons, radios, cars, UFOs, fire trucks and TVs. ___________________________________________ From the Handy Manny Wikipedia – Handy Manny (a play on the phrase “handy man”) is set in the …Read more »

OE Cake! Elastic Fire | Toby Conger

Toby Conger’s first video on YouTube! He’s playing OE Cake! on his iMac. My Materials – Elastic, Fuel and Fire. OE-Cake, OE-CAKE! or OE Cake is a 2.5D fluids-based demonstration program for Prometech Software Inc.’s PhysiCafe and Octave Engine which is one of the first engines able to have the ability to process water and other …Read more »